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You Can Rebuild it: Better... Stronger... Faster

Re-engineering your embedded platform for the next decade

Embedded architectures have lifespans. Inevitably you have to take your design apart and redo it as the new features and capabilities needed on your company’s roadmap aren’t possible with the prior design. Today’s disruptive – but desirable – product features include unprecedented connectivity options (BT5, WiFi, Ethernet, Zigbee, 4G, USB, …), HMI, and IoT with nearly infinite control and data visibility. And security concerns loom around every corner. Like Steve Austin, your platform has to be faster… better… stronger. But, unlike Steve, you don’t have 6 million dollars to spare: in your world, that translates to mountains of new software and the complexities of 10,000-page MCU data sheets that can grind your “we can rebuild it” project to a halt. This session explores new embedded platform solutions that can revolutionize how you architect, design, develop, deploy, scale, and evolve your embedded products on a beat rate and total cost of software/hardware never before possible. You can rebuild it.

Key Take-A-Ways

  • Define the building blocks of the modern embedded platform
  • Understanding and choosing the right level of supplier integration to start from
  • Navigating marketing requirements as they evolve
  • How “free” solutions can be the most expensive

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