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The Serious Human Interface™ Platform

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform (SHIP) is a rapid GUI development and deployment system with five main ingredients:

  • SHIP Total IDE (SHIPTide), the PC-based IDE for developing your GUI
  • the cargo binary data file that SHIPTide exports, containing your whole GUI including fonts, images, layout, audio, compiled scripts, communications, and more
  • the Serious Integrated Module (SIM) hardware that hosts your GUI and becomes your new front panel, communicating typically by UART to the rest of your system
  • SHIPEngine, the embedded runtime firmware on your SIM that runs GUIs that SHIPTide exports
  • Communications, including the upcoming SHIPBridge Protocol, enabling communications between the SIM and your system

Developing a GUI with SHIP

First Steps

Want to learn a bit more about SHIP? Here are a few resources that can get you familiar with SHIP concepts and capabilities before you dive deeper:

SHIP Versions

SHIP Version 5 (SHIPv5) was released for beta in 2014 and includes an array of exciting new capabilities:

  • Over-the-wire updates (SPI/UART/USB) via built-in bootloader
  • Major communications enhancements, including the SHIPBridge Protocol with firmware updates and data movement over USB/SPI/UART
  • Larger font support and enhanced text placement with "textframe" objects
  • Language translation manager, including MS Excel translation import/export
  • Build configuration manager for single project/multiple output
  • Improved scripting performance, floating point support, and numerous new functions
  • Runtime drawing on "canvas" objects

SHIP Version 4

Training and Applications Notes

Technical Reference