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The SHIP FLASH Programmer is a Windows command-line utility that enables USB-only reprogramming of the SHIPEngine on Renesas-RX MCU-based SIMs. No JTAG programmer/debugger is required.

This tool is now obsolete as SHIPEngine reprogramming has moved into SHIPTide. SHIPTide now supports uploading of SHIPEngine into all SIMs directly, including SIMs not based on the Renesas RX MCU family.


To use SFP you need:

  • A SIM powered by a Renesas RX-based MCU
  • A USB cable
  • A Windows-based PC
  • The SHIP FLASH Programmer program installed, with .inf USB driver
  • The latest SHIPEngine for your SIM
  • The ability to connect to your specific SIM and put it into "USB Boot Mode"

Renesas RX62x and RX63x MCUs have a special "USB Boot Mode" that, when invoked, runs some built-in ROM code in the MCU to allow uploading the FLASH firmware over the USB port from a Windows-based PC. There is no JTAG debugger or C-development IDE involved in this process. Rather, Serious has developed a simple command-line-based program called the SHIP FlASH Programmer, or "SFP", and a .inf driver that allows you to upload the latest SHIPEngine to the SIM in seconds.

For SIMs without USB device connectors and/or USB Boot Mode DIP Switches

Some SIMs have the USB device port mini-B connector installed as well as a small 'piano DIP switch' that enables the SIM to boot into this special USB boot mode. Many SIMs have the USB device connector as well as this DIP switch. Some variants have the USB device connector but no DIP switch, and some variants have neither. On devices without both features, you can use the inexpensive SPA100 Serious Programming Adapter which has both the USB device connector and the DIP switch made available. This helps keep the price of these SIMs down as these features are generally development and manufacturing features and not required when the SIM is placed into your system in production.

Download SFP