Serial Numbers and MIDs

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All Serious hardware modules have two types of "serial numbers" associated with them: the electronic and descriptive "Serial Number" and the 2D barcode labeled "Manufacturer ID" or "MID".

Every Serial Number and MID are unique across all Serious manufactured modules, and every Serial Number is 1:1 associated with a MID. Providing Serious either the Serial Number or the MID uniquely identifies the unit and allows us to retrieve the complete history and nature of the unit from its initial manufacturing.

Serial Number

The Serial Number is a 16 hex digit number composed of fixed-width fields. An example Serial Number would be


which breaks down into fields as follows:

0231 24 01 00 000001
Width (hex digits) Description Example
4 Module Family ID 0x0231 is a SIM231
2 Version (major + minor) 0x24 means version 2.4
2 Variant ID: family specific variant code Often 0x01 means A01, 0x02 for A02, etc.
2 LCD ID (SIMs only): a module-specific LCD type identifier 0x00, 0x01, etc...
6 Sequence Number unique within the first 10 digits of the S/N 0x000001 etc

The aggregate of these fields form the unique Serious Serial Number (SSN) for the module. The number is stored in one-time-programmable storage on every module and installed at manufacturing time. Off-the-shelf firmware from Serious retrieves this number at boot time. All elements and the aggregate 64-bit number are always represented/stored in Big Endian order, regardless of the endianness of the processor on the module.

All Serious Development Kits and -01 single packages include the serial number printed on a label on the outside of the package.

Electronic Retrieval of the Serial Number

Using the SHIPTide, SHIPCrane or SHIPHarbourMaster PC-based tool, you can retrieve the serial number electronically. Power the module, ensure the module's USB device port is connected to the PC and the serial number will be reported by any of these tools.

If the module has significantly malfunctioned, the Serial Number may not be retrievable, and the MID can be used instead.

Manufacturer ID (MID)

The Manufacturer ID, or "MID", is a 9 digit hex number printed on a resilient 2D barcode label attached to every Serious-manufactured hardware product.

Using one of many free barcode scanning applications available for Apple and Android-based devices, you can easily scan this barcode and extract the MID.