AN0321 - Node Names and References

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What's in a name?

This app note discusses how to name objects and reference object from scripts, listeners, and layout rules.

It covers direct references by name, anonymous reference by node type (e.g. page.visible), and anonymous relative references (e.g. parent.iw).

Notes and Corrections

  • In SHIP v5.1.125 the anonymous keyword "next" was added/supported. Now you can forward reference siblings using ".next" just like you referenced prior siblings using ".previous". Of course, you cannot have circular references, but this makes many widgets far easier to construct.
  • In SHIP v5.1.125 refactoring support was added. This allows you to rename an object, and anyone that refers to this object by name will be automatically updated (including scripts) to point to the new object's name. Using "F2" or just changing the "name" property is a straight rename, not a refactor. Use the right-click-menu on the object to select the "refactor" capability.

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