Serious Programming Adapters

Some cost-reduced variants (models) of SIMs and SCMs to not have the USB device port exposed to a normal USB device connector. If you particular selected product does not have this connector, you may need a SPA.

Generation 5 products (SIMx52, SIMx62, SCM318) do not require a SPA.

A Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM) or Serious Comms/Control Module (SCM) are all updated and managed through their communications ports, often the USB device port on most of these units.

  • SHIPTide can upgrade GUIs and SHIPEngine firmware on SIMs
  • SHIPCrane is designed for the production environment for updating files, firmware, and GUIS osn SIMs and SCMs

NOTE: SPAs are not designed for use directly inside production products.

The SPA200 is a Serious Programming Adapter for the 3rd and 4th generation Serious Integrated HMI Modules, including SIM115, SIM231, SIM535, SIM243, and SIM543.

SPA200 is designed to allow easy access to USB and/or JTAG signals on these SIMs without the appropriate physical connectors. Featuring a 5v power input, Micro USB port, an HDMI port for data connection to your SIM, boot mode selectors, and even a handy reset button.

The SPA200 utilizes the SHIP Programming Port on the back of your SIM through the included SPC200 adapter. The SPC200 is polarized to allow a secure connection in the proper orientation and an HDMI Mini port to the SPA200.

The SPA100 is designed to provide USB and JTAG signal support for older SIMs, such as the SIM225. SPA100, unlike the newer and self-contained SPA200, is a PCB edge connector that attaches to the edge of the SIM and provides the following capabilities:

  • PCB Edge Connector to attach to the target SIM
  • USB Mini-B connector exposing the SIM’s USB device port
  • Renesas E1 connector exposing the SIM MCU’s JTAG port
  • Power jumper for USB bus power select
  • Jumper/switch to select Renesas RX USB boot mode

Dive Deeper into the SPA100

Generation 5 products, including the SIMx52 and SIMx62 HMI familes and the SCM318 family do not require a SPA.

For Generation3 and 4 productions, compatibility is as follows:


See the Serious Documentation Zone for more information about SPAs: