SHIPTide Rapid GUI Development Tool

SHIPTide Rapid GUI Development Tool

Quickly Build a Modern User Experience

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform Total IDE (SHIPTide) is a no-cost, rapid graphic user interface (GUI) development tool enabling the GUI designer to completely specify all aspects of your user interface, including layout, events, actions, and resources (fonts, images, etc.).SHIPTide exports a binary file called a “cargo”, that is loaded onto the bulk Flash storage of a Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM). Built-in firmware called “SHIPEngine”, on boot, unpacks and makes the GUI described in the cargo come alive.

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Watch our “60-second GUI Challenge” and just think how fast you could get started!


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All versions of SHIPTide are now downloadable on

  • SHIPTide v5.2 is for new modules, including all SIMx52 and SIMx62 families
  • SHIPTide v5.1 is for older generation 2, 3, and 4 HMI modules, including SIM115/231/243/535/543