SHIPEngine: the Power Behind Great HMI User Experiences

Every Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM) comes pre-installed with several firmware components:

  • SHIPPaddle (PADD), the initial early stage bootstrapper,
  • SHIPTug (TUGB), the full bootloader with firmware update capabilities, and,
  • SHIPEngine (ENGN), the runtime engine rendering your GUI and communicating.

SHIPEngine is the power behind the User Experience. Prebuilt and installed in every SIM, SHIPEngine includes:

  • Graphics Rendering Engine
  • Image, Audio, and Video decoding (platform dependent)
  • Font management
  • Script execution in an internal VM
  • GUI File (aka the “cargo”) loader/decoder
  • All drivers, stacks, embedded OS, and infrastructure
  • Communications protocols (Modbus and SHIPBridge)

SHIPEngine is distributed in binary-only executable format, and can be installed in a SIM using the SHIPTide GUI authoring tool or the SHIPCrane production programming software.