SHIPEngine: the Power Behind Great HMI User Experiences

Every Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM) comes pre-installed with several firmware components:

  • SHIPPaddle (PADD), the initial early stage bootstrapper,
  • SHIPTug (TUGB), the full bootloader with firmware update capabilities, and,
  • SHIPEngine (ENGN), the runtime engine rendering your GUI and communicating.

The boot process is described in the SHIPv5 Boot System.

SHIPEngine is the power behind the User Experience. Prebuilt and installed in every SIM, SHIPEngine includes:

  • Graphics Rendering Engine
  • Image, Audio, and Video decoding (platform dependent)
  • Font management
  • Script execution in an internal VM
  • GUI File (aka the “cargo”) loader/decoder
  • All drivers, stacks, embedded OS, and infrastructure
  • Communications protocols (Modbus and SHIPBridge)

SHIPEngine is distributed in binary-only executable format, and can be installed in a SIM using the SHIPTide GUI authoring tool or the SHIPCrane production programming software.