Introduction to Serious Accelerated Services

Our free, one hour “boot-strap” webinar will walk you through the basics of building your first functional GUI. We will familiarize you with basic workflow using SHIPTide along with one of our Development Kits. Get started by purchasing a Serious development kit and let us walk you through our training step-by-step.

Basic and Advanced Training

Webinar Training–Serious offers a four hour training session designed to get your engineering teams accustomed to the SHIPTide development tool. This instruction will walk you through the basics of building and loading a functional GUI prototype with one of our Serious Integrated Modules.

On-site Training–Serious offers flexible on-site training programs to get your team working effectively using SHIPTide with one of our SIM development kits. Depending on your needs, we offer a single day training course and multi-day courses. Contact Serious for details on our current offerings.

Custom UX and GUI Design

Serious Integrated Modules give you infinite possibilities to create attractive and intuitive HMI’s for your products. Our UX and GUI Design Services range from delivering a quick-turn prototype to a production ready GUI. Serious off-the-shelf tools get you to market fast...Serious Accelerated Services get you to market faster! Contact us for an assessment of your UX and GUI design needs.

System Engineering Design

Sometimes our customers need additional hardware and/or software features not currently offered with our products. With our Serious System Engineering Design Service, we will design additional features into our SIM’s and SCM’s, working closely with your product development team to ensure our designs meets your requirements and target price-point. We will implement a flexible yet structured development process to ensure your design meets our current quality standards. We partner with Arrow and Express Manufacturing, Inc. (EMI) to efficiently build our products to the highest standards. Contact the Serious Support Group for additional details.