Serious Comms/Control Modules

Off-the-Shelf Intelligent Industrial Electronics Modules

Serious Communications/Control Modules (SCMs) are designed for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to add sophisticated IT, IoT, and industrial/factory network connectivity as well as potentially replace custom system control subsystems.

Simple Transceivers to Powerful Comms-Rich System-on-Modules

SCMs span simple low cost RS232/422/485 transceiver on a card, such as the SIM117, to the powerhouse SCM318 with an on-board 400MHz Arm Cortex-A9 based Renesas RZ/A1L (or Renesas RZ/A1LC) MCU and extensive wired and wireless connectivity.

Built-in Commercial Software Stacks

All Arm-based SCMs include the full SHIPWare software load, including complete, pre-licensed, Segger embOS, emFile, emUSB, and emTCP/IP stacks and more. This complete set of enabling software and firmware enables OEMs to develop in C using the Segger Embedded Studio tools, deploying powerful custom communications bridges, applications, and even machine control algorithms.

Higher-end protocols, such as Modbus, BACnet, Dali, Ethernet/IP (and coming soon, CAN), are also available separately.

SCM318 Comm/Control Module

High-End Performance & Connectivity at an Amazing Price

  • Use stand-alone or docked with Gen 5 (SIMx52, SIMx62) HMI Modules
  • Powerful 400MHz Cortex-A9 MPU, the Renesas RZ/A1L, with up to 3MB on-chip RAM
  • Extensive comms: WiFi, BT5, Ethernet, RS422/485, CAN/LIN-ready, and more
  • Fully licensed SHIPWare software including commercial-grade Segger OS and stacks

The SCM318 family is a series of off-the-shelf comms/control modules delivering the processing and communications scalability you need for your next generation of embedded products.  Whether you choose a low end version with just processing and basic RS485 connectivity, or higher end units with WiFi, Bluetooth 5, Ethernet, or other features to link your device to the outside world, all SCM318’s come with extensive commercial grade stacks, including OS, TCP/IP, File System, USB device and host, and more to make software development fast and robust.  

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SCM318 Overview Video

SCM307 Control/IO Module

Flexible IO Control with Powerful Software Included

The SCM307 is a small single board off-the-shelf industrial-strength module with processor, memory, I/O, and basic communications all built-in.

Industrial, commercial, and medical products can use the SCM307 as a complete I/O controller, replacing many current custom control and I/O boards. The module includes numerous load drivers and sensor inputs and can connect to in-chassis or external RS422/485 networks.

Powered by a Renesas Synergy® S3A3 MCU with an ARM Cortex-M4 core, the SCM307 comes equipped with two commercially licensed software frameworks: the Serious SHIPWare framework (including SEGGER embOS and stacks) as well as the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP).

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SCM208 Comm/Control Module

Performance & Connectivity

  • Use docked with Gen 4 (SIM115, SIM231, or SIM543) HMI Modules
  • 240MHz Cortex-M4 MCU, the Renesas S7G2, with up to 3MB on-chip Flash and 640kB RAM
  • Extensive comms: WiFi, BT, RS422/485/232, CAN, Ethernet-ready, and more
  • Fully licensed SHIPWare software including commercial-grade Segger OS and stacks

The Serious Comms/Control Module 208 (SCM208) is a family of industrial-grade, long life supply off-the-shelf hardware modules designed to be the communications and control hub in OEM industrial machines as well as commercial and medical products. With extensive pre-licensed firmware supported by Serious technology onboarding programs, OEM design teams can quickly and easily get their products connected to Industrial, IT and IoT networks, as well as potentially even replace hundreds of dollars in custom machine control electronics.

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SCM117 Power & Serial Connectivity Module

The SCM117 is designed to complement a Generation 3 or 4 (SIM115, SIM231, SIM535, SIM243, or SIM543) Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM), providing RS232, RS422, or RS485 network signal and 9-25V power connectivity.

The 60-pin low profile board-to-board header docks into Generation 3 or 4 Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIMs), and the standard 3.5mm industrial screw-terminal-plug connector is a simple connection to power and the serial network.


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