Design Support

Find out about our practical learning tools such as podcasts, technical libraries, webinars, white papers, templates, and more. 


Dozens of practical app notes, including SHIPTide how-to’s and video tools training.

Dive in! You’ll be sailing like a pro in no time.

Brightness? Backlight Lifetime? Nits? What-the-LCD??? Get wet in our LCD Learning Center.

Stuck on a sandbar? Hit a rock? Ask for help

Our awesome (and no cost) rapid GUI Development tool.

Program your Serious Integrated HMI Modules (SIMs) and Serious Integrated Comms/Control Modules (SCMs) in the production line environment with our no-cost SHIPCrane tools.

Does anyone actually read the manual anymore? Go ahead, make our day. RTFunM.

Re-engineer the way design embedded systems as we discuss embedded technologies, human-machine interfaces, machine and product architectures, IoT readiness, and much more. 

Take the helm! We’ll help you navigate these turbulent waters.

Put some serious (!) power into your new project and get there faster you could imagine. We help with GUIs, system integration, and more. Bring us on board.