Serious Programming Adapters

What is a SPA?

Why Do I Need a SPA?

There are numerous ways to program your SIM:

  • SHIPTide can upgrade GUIs and SHIPEngine firmware on SIMs via the USB device port
  • A JTAG hardware debugger (specific to the CPU of your SIM) can be used to firmware upgrades and C-level programming*
  • The SHIP Flash Programming Tool can upgrade SHIPEngine on Renesas RX-based SIMs via the USB device port

* In most cases, upgrading SHIPEngine firmware and SHIP GUIs does not require a JTAG hardware debug tool, but can be done almost exclusively over the USB Device port.

Some variants of Serious Integrated Modules do not feature populated USB Device ports or include a JTAG connector in the interest of not burdening the unit with possibly unnecessary hardware or costs. In this case, you will need a way to access the device with these physical connections unavailable. The Serious Programming Adapters are a compact, cost-effective way to expose these signals.

NOTE: SPAs are not designed for use directly inside production products.