The Serious Human Interface™ Platform (SHIP)

The Serious Human Inteface Platform is a rapid GUI development and deployment system with five main ingredients:

SHIPCrane OEM Programming Tool

The SHIPCrane application is a batch programmer and container creation tool. Its functionality is a subset of SHIPTide. It is used to reprogram the SHIPEngine firmware and GUIs in mass.
  • It supports multiple devices in parallel, so you can insert as many devices as you have USB ports and install your desired SHIPEngine and GUI cargo combination for your production needs. SHIPCrane will program all connected devices with the imported firmware.
  • It allows for modification of firmware bundles and exporting your own container file (zipped file containing SHIPPaddle, SHIPTug, SHIPEngine firmware, and a installation instruction .xml file) so you can load your preferred setup the next time you want to update boards.
  • SHIPCrane supports both SIMs and SCMs.

Visit our SHIPCrane documentation for additional resources.