SCM208 Power & Communications Module

Coming Soon - SCM208 is not yet in production.


Flexible Communications & Power Connectivity

The SCM208 has two essential functions in the system: to provide connectivity among a collection of disparate communications interfaces, and to adapt incoming system/network +9-25VDC power to the required 5VDC required by the SCM and its attached SIM.

Designed to complement Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs), the SCM208 powers the SIM+SCM from a wide 9-25VDC input and provides Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth Smart with NFC™-A tag support, RS232 or RS422/485, and CAN connectivity. An on-board Renesas Synergy™ MCU provides an open programming platform for protocols, IoT and IT connectivity, GPIO, OEM system control and custom data interchange between the SIM’s GUI and the OEM system.