SCM208 Power & Communications Module

SCM208 is currently in production and is an Extended Lifetime Roadmap Product. 
Support is available for customers with a technology onboarding program. Contact Us to learn more. 


Flexible Communications & Power Connectivity

The Serious Communications Module 208 (SCM208) is a family of industrial-grade, long life supply off-the-shelf hardware modules designed to be the communications and control hub in OEM industrial machines as well as commercial and medical products. With extensive pre-licensed firmware supported by Serious technology onboarding programs, OEM design teams can quickly and easily get their products connected to Industrial, IT and IoT networks, as well as potentially even replace hundreds of dollars in custom machine control electronics. The SCM208 can be used stand-alone in an OEM product or, optionally, can complement a Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM) for connectivity as well as modern graphic/touch interactivity at the device.

The SCM208 hardware has an extensive list of I/O including:
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth Smart with NFC™-A tag support
  • RS232/RS422/485 and CAN connectivity
  • Powered by a 240MHz Cortex-M4 ARM MCU for system control and data/protocol handling
  • Can be powered by most existing OEM product 9-25VDC supplies.
The pre-licensed, pre-ported, and fully supported firmware includes:
  • a full Segger OS,
  • File System,
  • USB and TCP/IP stacks with SSL/TLS and cryptography,
  • as well as numerous utilities and firmware framework elements from Serious.