Images of SIM855, SIM555, SIM243, SCM208, SCM118, SCM117 modules

A Serious Overview

GUIs in Minutes: the Serious Human Interface™ Platform


  • Use off-the-shelf Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs)
  • Cost effective for rapid prototyping and full production
  • Easily mounted in retrofit front panels
  • Attach to existing systems with a simple power + UART cable

Serious Services Can Help

  • Graphic and GUI design services: get you started, or do it all
  • Custom form factor hardware
  • System interconnect adapters (hardware and software)

Hardware Overview

Serious offers a wide variety of Display Modules, Power/Communications daughter cards, specialized accessories, and personalized design services to cover every options you need to get your OEM system up and running on-time and within budget. All Serious modules use components selected for industrial operating environments such as -20°C to +70°C extended operating temperature, with extended lifetime products targeted for 10+ year customer availability.

Serious Integrated Modules

Front Right View of SIM855 10.1 LCD Graphic Display Module for HMISerious Integrated Modules (SIMs) use SHIPEngine, our on-board execution engine, in conjunction with high performance Renesas MCUs to deliver outstanding front panel graphical user interfaces in industrial and commercial applications for instrumentation, automation, construction, medical and other electronic equipment. Featuring a broad spectrum of wide format LCD color TFT displays—including 4.3”, 7.0” and 10.1” sizes—SIMs also offer various brightness, touch, and backlight options. Serious can also support special OEM needs such as sunlight readable or extended temperature ranges and harsh environemnt capabilities.

Standard high speed UART, SPI and power connectivity is provided by a 16-pin Power/Communications connector – perfect for simple wire-harness attachment to existing systems. A low-profile high density module-to-module 60-pin expansion connector supports easy daughter card development for proprietary connectivity. Or choose one of the Serious Communications Modules to provide the connectivity you need.

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Serious Power/Communications Modules

SCM208 Power and Communications Module, Front Left ViewThe Serious Power/Communications Modules (SCMs) are communications daughter cards designed to complement Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs). Serious Communications Modules , such as SCM208, dock into the back of 3rd and 4th Generation SIMs providing Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth Smart with NFC™-A tag support, RS232 or RS422/485 and CAN connectivity. On-board Renesas RX or Synergy™ MCUs provide an open programming platform for protocols, IoT and IT connectivity, GPIO, OEM system control and custom data interchange between the SIM’s GUI and the OEM system.

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Serious Solutions for GUI Deployment

Are you looking for a comprehensive PC-based WYSIWYG rapid-GUI development environment with minimal coding? Use the Serious Human Interface Platform (SHIP) to create a complete, communicating and functioning GUI in just hours.

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform (SHIP) is a rapid GUI development and deployment system with five main ingredients:

  • SHIP Total IDE (SHIPTide), the PC/Mac/Linux based IDE for developing your GUI
  • The cargo binary data file that SHIPTide exports, containing your whole GUI including fonts, images, layout, audio, compiled scripts, communications, and more
  • The Serious Integrated Module (SIM) hardware that hosts your GUI and becomes your new front panel, communicating typically by UART to the rest of your system
  • SHIPEngine, the embedded runtime firmware on your SIM that runs GUIs that SHIPTide exports
  • Communications, including the upcoming SHIPBridge Protocol, enabling communications between the SIM and your system

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Serious Accelerated Services

Our free, one hour “boot-strap” webinar will walk you through the basics of building your first functional GUI. We will familiarize you with basic workflow using SHIPTide along with one of our Development Kits. Get started by purchasing a Serious development kit and let us walk you through our training step-by-step.

Serious offers numerous ways to get your engineers up and running, including:

  • Basic and Advanced training courses
  • On-Site or Webinar training options
  • Custom UX and GUI design
  • System Engineering design

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