Serious manages our vendors to the following LCD Quality specifications. Unless otherwise specified, the following specifications apply.

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Sampling Standards

LCD quality sampling is performed according to GB2828.1-2012 or ISO2859-1:2014 depending on the originating factory.

Single sampling is performed at general inspection level II.

Sampling Criteria

Visual inspection: AQL 1.5%

Electrical functional: AQL 0.5%

Reliability Test

For detailed requirements refer to the Reliability Test Specification on the individual LCD Technical Reference Manual (TRM).

NonConforming Analysis & Disposition

Nonconforming Analysis

Customers with believed nonconforming product should request a failure analysis (FA) and return materials authorization (RMA) from Serious. Contact us for instructions.

Upon receipt, Serious will attempt analysis of nonconforming LCDs. In the event the LCD requires more detailed analysis from the original factory, Serious manages the FA/RMA process with that specific factory.

Disposition of Nonconforming Product

 Customer will receive a report with the failure analysis and and remedy per the Serious warranty.

Product Visual Inspection


The inspection must be under illumination of approximately 1000-1500lx from a distance of 30cm +/- 2cm

The viewing angle should be between 0 and 45 degrees from vertical line surfaces without reflection light, or if specified in the FA at the customer’s viewing angle specification.

Inspection zones shall be as follows:

  • A: LCD Active Pixel Area
  • B: LCD Viewing Area
  • C: Non-Optical Areas, including mechanicals, tail stocks, and chassis

Liquid Crystal Module (LCM) Inspection Specifications

Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP) Inspection Specifications

Classification of Defects

Visually inspected defects, with the exception of labeling defects, are treated as minor defects.

Electrical defects are considered major defects.

Two minor defects are equal to one major defect in lot sampling inspections.


Marking Criteria

Any unit with incorrect, illegible, or no marking/label shall be rejected.



There should be no damage on the carton containing the modules.

Each carton shall contain a marking/label identifying the product within.

All packaging material within the carton shall offer ESD protection.



Note 1: Bright & Dark Dots

Bright Dot:The bright dot size defect at black display pattern. It can be recognized using a 2% transparency filter with the distance between eyes and panel of 350mm±50mm.

Dark Dot: Cyan, Magenta or Yellow dot size defect at white display pattern. It can be recognized using a 5% transparency filter with the distance between eyes and panel of 350mm±50mm.

The Bright Dot or Bright Dot size is defined as a defective area if the area of the dot is larger than 50% of one sub-pixel area.

Note 2: Mura

Mura on display which appears darker/brighter against background brightness on parts of display area.


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