LCD Order Codes

Serious offers all types of LCD options which you can tailor based on your use case, environment, touch resistance needed, industry, and other factors. We’ve provided a key to decipher what each of our products offer with regard to the LCD that’s included.

Not sure what LCD type is best for your project? Let’s talk. Contact our team, we can help. 

Touch NITs Life Temp Color Depth Viewing Angle Resolution Cover Glass
R Resistive 1 100+ 2 20K A -20/+70C M Monochrome L Landscape A 320×240 N none
C Capacitive 2 200+ 3 30K B -10/+70C B 8-bit P Portrait B 480×272 A ~1mm
N None 3 300+ 4 40K C -10/+60C W 16-bit M Multi-Viewing Angle C 640×480 B ~1mm ASF
4 400+ 5 50K D 0/+70C E 18-bit S In-Plane Switching D 800×480 C ~2mm
5 500+ E 0/+60C L 24-bit E 1024×600 D ~2mm ASF
6 600+ F 0/+50C F 1280×800 E ~3mm
7 700+ G -20/+60C G 720p F ~3mm ASF
8 800+ H -10/+50C H 1920×1080 G ~1mm AG + AF
9 900+ J -30/+85C J 1366×768 H ~2mm AG + AF
A 1000+ K -20/+50C K 858×480 J ~3mm AG + AF
B 1100+ L -30/+80C K ~1mm AG
C 1200+ L ~2mm AG
D 1300+ M ~3mm AG
E 1400+ P ~1mm AF
F 1500+ Q ~2mm AF
R ~3mm AF
AR: Anti-Reflective AG: Anti-Glare AF: Anti-Fingerprint ASF: Anti-Shard Film

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