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Upgrade your product’s in-person experience with Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs) – complete off-the-shelf HMI modules designed to independently deliver the modern interactivity you need. With industrial strength LCD technology and scalable price/performance/size form factors, choose Serious HMI for your whole product line for a consistent subsystem architecture and development environment.

Each SIM includes full processing, memory, and built-in firmware for GUI execution and communications through a UART or high speed SPI port to your existing system.


Develop modern interactive user experiences faster than you ever imagined using the SHIPTide rapid GUI development tool. Download the GUI to the target Serious Integrated Module (SIM) in seconds and the pre-installed and licensed SHIPEngine firmware executes your UI instantly.

Your GUI can be developed in a completely scalable way, enabling you to change target platforms literally in minutes even if the target platform has a completely different hardware architecture. Or you can upgrade your GUI from running on a cost optimized SIM to a different high performance SIM in seconds. Leverage the built-in SHIPSail scripting support, full multi-language capabilities, extensive font management, and more to create a vibrant product with global market appeal.

All Serious HMI software and firmware is available at no cost and fully supported.


Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs) are off-the-shelf production-worthy industrial products, designed to fit seamlessly into your product production flow.

Production support, such as the SHIPCrane parallel programming tool, enable your manufacturing team to quickly and easily program the modules with the desired firmware revision and UI implementation. All SIMs are serialized and barcoded and SHIPCrane technology can be integrated into high end manufacturing systems for database logging and production-line traceability.

Distribution stock and bonded inventory programs, proactive change notifications as well as long term supply and support empower your supply-line team to choose Serious as a trusted HMI subsystem partner.


HMI is a constantly changing and evolving world and the product design and goals today are sure to be different in the years to come. New capabilities at new price points open new possibilities for human connectivity to machines and devices.

New HMI technologies are coming – voice interaction, biometric authentication, on- and off-cloud capabilities. With Serious as your HMI solution partner, keep your products competitive with the latest UI and HMI technologies, protecting your ongoing software and knowledgebase investment by leveraging a consistent architecture up and down the product line and into the future.


Every Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM) is equipped with a high speed UART and SPI connection for easy hardware connectivity to your existing systems. The built-in SHIPEngine firmware supports numerous Modbus protocols as well as the powerful SHIPBridge protocol supporting high performance bi-directional data movement as well as file services and over-the-wire firmware and GUI updates.

For advanced network connectivity, including WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, RS232, RS485, and CAN networking as well as secure powerful packet movement and protocol adaptation, explore Serious Communications Solutions. Serious Communications Modules (SCMs) are off-the-shelf hardware subsystems with pre-licensed/ported software frameworks OEM-ready for highly connected products, bringing the same development and deployment benefits of Serious HMI solutions to communications.

Beyond pure industrial, machine and IT network connectivity, Serious Connect solutions provide secure and complete IIoT capabilities, including dashboarding, provisioning, analytics, data piping, and remote access.


Serious HMI tools and hardware have been successfully deployed by many OEMs independently, leveraging our web-based documentation, video training, and US-based support team.

If improving engineering efficiency and development velocity is a concern to your organization, Serious has numerous programs to partner with, and unburden, your engineering team throughout the product lifecycle. With our help, many OEMs show internal demo in days and launch products with completely re-engineered HMI solutions in in a few short months.

Any level of engagement is possible: from initial scaffolding and construction of your HMI, to device integration, GUI development, training, on-site support, as well as ongoing sustaining and evolution engineering.