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Serious can help you architect a forward looking path for your product line, including HMI, communications, machine control, and IIoT presence. Reduce product cost, decrease complexity, and unburden your engineering team of unnecessary low level software and hardware development. Imagine reducing your platform firmware, OS, and driver maintenance down to a fraction of what you spend today.

We can also build in capabilities for the future such as HMI scalability/architectural flexibility and new connectivity methodologies. Prepare for the day when data gathered from your devices can be packaged, valued, and sold to customers in new ways. Serious can help you solve the problems of today and give you a path for tomorrow.


Each of the Serious HMI, Communications, and Cloud technologies are based on off-the-shelf hardware and world class design tools. The SHIPTide GUI development tool enables rapid, powerful user experiences on Serious Integrated HMI Modules (SIMs). The SHIPWare software with Segger software and stacks forms a solid foundation for communications applications development on Serious Communications Modules(SCMs). Serious IIoT Technologies powered by the Arrow eVolve Framework and based on industry leading platforms such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix and Amazon Web Services, Serious IIoT Technologies can deliver an outcome-changing capability to your business.

If improving engineering efficiency and development velocity is a concern to your organization, leverage the Serious Accelerate Program and unburden your engineering team throughout the product lifecycle. With our help, many OEMs show internal demo in days and launch products with initial IIoT solutions in in a few short months.

We aren’t just a technology provider: Serious can be your development partner throughout the implementation of your product. Your customized Serious Accelerate Program supports any level of engagement. We can help get your initial architecture constructed, including a demonstrable end-to-end HMI↔comms↔device↔cloud system. We can go further, developing and integrating the solution into your existing equipment, doing GUI and comms design and development as well as technology onboarding, training, and technology handoffs.


Our partnership doesn’t end when your design is complete. The Serious hardware, including Serious Integrated HMI Modules (SIMs) and Serious Communications Modules (SCMs) are off-the-shelf production-worthy industrial products, designed to fit seamlessly into your product production flow.

Production support, such as the SHIPCrane parallel programming tool, enable your manufacturing team to quickly and easily program the modules with the desired firmware implementation. All products are electronically serialized and visually and barcoded and SHIPCrane technology can be integrated into high end manufacturing systems for database logging and production-line traceability. If you leverage Serious IIoT Technologies powered by Arrow, your Cloud platform is professionally managed with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the confidence your brand demands.


When it comes to human-machine connectivity, the future is a limitless set of potential and opportunities. Consumer devices will continue to pioneer business models, technologies, and use cases – some of which will naturally migrate to the industrial, medical, and commercial device markets and become baseline expectations by equipment customers and end users.

Even in your initial product implementations using Serious HMI, Communications and/or IIoT technologies, your product may still have innumerable paths for evolution. For example, adding over the air/wire updates or a local web-based control panel on the device may miss the initial product launch but provide more value for your customers in the next release. An initial dashboard in the Cloud may be augmented later with configurable data feeds to key customers with associated billing and accounting methods automated to realize additional monthly revenue.

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform is designed to preserve your investment in technology and knowledge base, enabling a clear path to the future evolution of your products. With Serious as your engineering acceleration partner, we can help make these evolutions a reality quicker than ever.


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