SIMx52 HMI Module Families

Renesas RZ
The SIMx52 group of HMI module families feauture size and feature flexibility for your next embedded HMI project.

SIMx52 highlights:
  • Powered by the Renesas RZ/A1L MPU with a 400MHz Cortex-A9 core, SIMx52 delivers excellent, cost-effective UX performance
  • No-cost built-in SHIPEngine firmware — no drivers or embedded coding required
  • No-cost SHIPTide GUI development tools ensure rapid time to a moddern, production-ready GUI with absolute minimal coding

The Core of your Next Embedded System Innovation



SIM362 4.3" HMI Module


SIM152 3.5" HMI Module

Comms/Control Modules

SCM318 SCM318 Comms/Control Module