Windows XP Support Ends

Microsoft has publicly announced for 4 years the April 8th, 2014 End of Life (EOL) of the Windows XP operating system. This includes “XP mode” within Windows 7.

Given the significant risk to data, network integrity, and PC stability posed by the lack of security updates to XP after this date, Serious has support of any Serious software products, including SHIPTide for SHIPv4, on Windows XP after April 8, 2014. There are too many opportunities for these security issues to create support issues we cannot solve and we also risk exposing our own networks to these security risks in the process of debugging/supporting customer issues.

About Serious

Serious makes products amazing. Our embedded HMI and Comms/Control software-on-hardware platforms radically evolve industrial, commercial, and medical OEM products from great to industry-leading and transform engineering processes with dramatically reduced software and hardware development costs and time-to-market.

With powerful IoT/Industrial/IT and mesh networking, modern HMI, scalable embedded control…and much more… Serious off-the-shelf integratable and customizable platforms enable design-start to production-ready in as little as a few months.

Based in Mesa, Arizona, Serious Integrated, Inc. is a privately held Delaware corporation and a McRock Capital portfolio company.