SPA100 Programming Adapter

SPA100 is no longer available for purchase; contact Serious.

Serious Programming Adapters are designed for use in GUI development as well as production manufacturing when you need to “burn” your GUI onto the SIM prior to final installation in your product. SPAs are not designed for use directly inside production products.

Many SIMs are cost-optimized and do not have USB Device connectors, JTAG debug connectors, and other features unused in some end products. The JTAG port, for instance, is normally used only for code development and not in a production product. A PCB “gold finger” edge connector on most SIMs carries these signals and a SPA can expose these signals onto readily-usable industry-standard connectors.

For example, the cost-optimized 4.3″ SIM225-A03 has the USB device circuit on-board (often used for programming the unit in SHIPTide) but no physical mini-B connector. The SPA100 plugs in the SIM225 and exposes a USB Mini-B connector.

Features & Variants

  • PCB Edge Connector to attach to the target SIM
  • USB Mini-B connector exposing the SIM's USB device port
  • Renesas E1 connector exposing the SIM MCU's JTAG port
  • Power jumper for USB bus power select
  • Jumper/switch to select Renesas RX USB boot mode

Using the SPA100

With the power disconnected, carefully plug the SPA100 into the target SIM ensuring the white indicators are aligned.
  • The SPA100 PCB Edge Connector is not polarized or keyed. Connecting it backwards may damage your SIM.
  • Unless the appropriate jumper on SPA100 is removed, the USB Mini-B power input pin on the SPA100 is directly connected to the SIM’s USB Mini-B power input (if present): connecting both simultaneously may damage your SIM or even your PC/Hub powering the SIM/SPA100.
  • The PCB Edge Connector is not designed for live power insertion/removal. Ensure the power to the SIM is off when connecting or disconnecting from this port to avoid damage your SIM or connected equipment.

See the SPA100 in the Serious Documentation Zone for more information.