SIM521 7″ HMI

The SIM521 features a premium, high resolution 7″ 800×480 color LCD powered by the STM32H750XB MCU with 480MHz Arm Cortex-M7 MCU and 1MB integrated RAM. Utilizing our proprietary SHIPEngine firmware, the SIM521 delivers a large array of options for front panel applications with industrial, commercial, and medical applications in a small package.

Featuring built-in RS485/UART and high-speed USB connectivity, SIMx21 family members are easily integrated into existing system designs. The 30-pin expansion connector provides further expandability to custom daughter-cards or off-the-shelf Serious Communications/Control Modules for extensive connectivity (including WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, RSxxx, CAN, and more) as well as powerful system control.

SIM221 4.3″ HMI


Processor and Memory
  • STM32H750XB MCU with 480MHz Arm Cortex-M7 MCU and 1MB integrated RAM 32MB SDRAM with 128MB QSPI NAND Flash storage for program, non-volatile data, and files system storage
  • μSDCard socket for (user supplied) memory cards for file system expansion and firmware/GUI updates
Integrated graphics/touch and audio I/O:
  • Integrated LCD with optional touch controller and ambient light sensor for high brightness LCD options
  • Integrated audio 3W speaker codec/amplifier outputs and external codec/amplifier support
Numerous communications ports
  • USB 2.0 high speed 480mbps host port A connector
  • USB 2.0 high speed 480mbps device port Micro B connector
  • RS422/485 port with selectable duplex and termination
  • 3.3V UART with transmit control (separate from RS485 port)
Simple in-chassis connectivity
  • Direct Dock to Generation 5 Serious Comms/Control Modules (SCMs, e.g. SCM318)
  • 16-pin JST ZPD series wire-to-board connector (RS485/UART, Power, RESET#)
  • 6-pin industrial 3.5mm pluggable connector (RS485, Power)
Wide Operating Range
  • 10.8-35VDC wide range power supply input
  • -40 to +85C operating temperature range components (further limited by LCD option)


Size (inches)4.3 (SIM221), 5″ (SIM721), 7″ (SIM521)
Touch OptionsResistive, capacitive, and non-touch
Operating Range
Vin4,5 to 5,256 to 354,5 to 5,25
Operating Temp Minus 40 to +85C
MCU & Storage
FamilySTM32H750XB MCU 
Core480MHz Arm Cortex-M7 MCU
QSPI NAND Flash (MB)128128128128128
RAM Size (MB)321632321632
Battery Backed RTCCYYYYY
Audio OutputPiezo SounderEM SounderPiezo SounderI2S
Host Port/Speed (Mbps)480480480480480480
USB Host A ConnectorYYYYNN
USB Device µB ConnectorYYYYYY
RS422/485 Transceiver111100