SCM117 Power/Comms Module

SIM117 is a mature product — see the SCM318 for new designs.

SCM117-A03 an Extended Lifetime Product.

The SCM117 is designed to complement a Generation 3 or 4 (SIM115, SIM231, SIM535, SIM243, or SIM543) Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIM), providing RS232, RS422, or RS485 network signal and 9-25V power connectivity.

The 60-pin low profile board-to-board header docks into Generation 3 or 4 Serious Integrated HMI Module (SIMs), and the standard 3.5mm industrial screw-terminal-plug connector is a simple connection to power and the serial network.


Explore these options compared to the SCM117:

  • SCM318 for high performance and cost effective comms & control for the latest generation HMI modules
  • SCM208 for comms/control applications with older generation 3 & 4 HMI modules

Note that new generation 5 HMI modules include the SCM117 functionality built-in!

Features & Variants

Easy SIM Connectivity

  • Board-to-board direct attach to 3rd and 4th Generation SIMs

Network to SIM Power Conversion

  • 9-25V to 5V @ 2A (max) DC-DC converter
  • Powers both SCM117 and attached SIM
  • Accommodates Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) standard 24VDC power supplies

RS232/RS422/RS485 Connectivity

  • Robust 6 pin industrial wire connector
  • Switch-selectable RS232/RS422/RS485 transceiver
  • Half and full duplex
  • Differential and single ended
  • Switch selectable slew rate

Wide Operating Range

  • -40 to +85°C operating temperature
  • 9-25VDC Input Power
SCM117 Variants A00 A03
Power & Environmental
Operating Temperature -40/+85C -40/+85C
Operating Voltage 9 to 25VDC 9 to 25VDC
Processor & Memory
Processor Renesas RX111 MCU
Core(s) RX100
MCU Flash/RAM (kB) 128/16
RS232/RS422/485 From MCU
RS232/RS422/485 SIM Passthru
USB2.0 HS Device Micro B
HMI Connectivity
RESET#/SHDN# Control
60-pin Gen3/4 HMI1 Docking Connector
1For SIM115, SIM231, SIM535, SIM243, or SIM543 Serious Integrated HMI Modules (SIMs)

Development Kits

Development Kits

This product is not recommended for new designs and development kits are no longer broadly available.  

Contact your local Manufacturer's Representative if you are an existing customer of this product and need an additional development kit for your team.

SHIPTide GUI Development IDE

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  • Built-in media support: jpg, png, bmp, tif, ttf, wav, and more
  • Windows tested

SHIPEngine Runtime GUI Engine

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