Serious Smart Touch Surfaces

Embedded Modules
for HMI, Comms and Control


Serious Integrated is now part of E2IP TECHNOLOGIES


Delivering modern, responsive, and elegant user experiences, SIMs are out-of-the-box HMI subsystems for your products, including hardware, software, and tools.

See the latest SIMs:

  • SIMx52 series: Cost-effective 3.5″ to 7″ Graphic/Touch LCD HMI Modules
  • SIMx62 series: High-Performance 5″ to 18.5″ Graphic/Touch LCD HMI Modules
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Add rich cloud or network connectivity — including WiFi, BT5, Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS485, CAN, and more — as well as increase the sophistication and power of machine control.

SCMs can dramatically change the trajectory of your system design methodology and time-to-features for your products with extensive commercial-grade OS, stacks, firmware, BSP and drivers, and tools all included.

See the latest SCMs:

SCM318 seriesfull-featured comms & control, with WiFi, BT5, Ethernet, RS485, CAN and more

SCM307 series: flexible control & IO, with RS485, relay, solenoid, stepper motor, load cell interfaces and more

Does it...
Warm, Cool, Heat, Chill, Refrigerate

Serious solutions for ovens, toasters, warmers, chillers, cookers, freezers, and much more.

Graphic/Touch HMI
Modern, Operator Efficient

Powerful Communications
Advanced Control
IoT Connectivity

Flexible Low Level
I/O & Control