Serious Integrated, advanced, IoT capable touch displays and product support

Your products reimagined
as IIoT-connected,
touchscreen enabled,
value-added smart products.

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Unlock IIoT potential.
Accelerate time-to-revenue.

Stunning touchscreen HMI platforms enable any industrial, commercial or medical OEM to rapidly modernize their fleet and tap into the power of IIoT connectivity to capitalize on revenue streams through analytics, monitoring and maintenance services.

Empower your workforce and enable advanced analytics with connected equipment for the smart factory floor.

Industrial equipment with touchscreen LCD for upgraded GUI capabilities

Industrial + Automation

Enable faster, more intuitive operation with less user training and deliver data to back-end repositories for traceability and analytics.

Laboratory equipment sporting an upgraded touchscreen LCDs user interface


Satisfy client demands for integrated touchscreens and IIoT connectivity for revenue-generating managed-services.

Commercial HVAC units, ready for an HMI upgrade


Get a competitive advantage with an enhanced UX from cost-effective touchscreens and revenue-generating IoT maintenance programs.

A soft serve vending machine

Food Services

Complete platform solutions to ensure screen readability, system reliability and connectivity to archive and retrieve patient data.

Medical imaging equipment with a SIM855 10.1" HMI display unit


The only complete solution at a viable price-point not requiring man-years of custom engineering

-Serious Client

Out-of-the-box IoT/IIoT connectivity

Minimal coding to deliver outstanding, modern Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

UX and GUI accelerated design services

No cost Graphical User Interface (GUI) development and runtime software

Off-the-shelf Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs)

Complete, integrated solutions from 100 to 100,000 units Start Designing

Serious Software & Tools

Serious Integrated has your complete solution for GUI development with the Serious Human Interface Platform (SHIP). From our embedded SHIPEngine firmware to the SHIPTide Rapid GUI Creation Tool, we have all the tools you need to get you up and

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Serious Hardware

Serious Integrated offers a wide variety of Front Panel Hardware Solutions, including Touch-screen LCD Display Panels, Power / Communications Modules and more. Explore our array of customizable options and get the features you want at the price you need.

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Serious Services

Serious Services can help you take your front-panel display to the next level. We offer options from training and assistance to designing your GUI and creating custom hardware. Contact us today for the support you need from the experts you trust.

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Serious Integrated Modules


Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs)

Serious Integrated Modules are off-the-shelf production-worthy, prototype-ready graphic/touch front panels supported by the Serious Human Interface™ Platform (SHIP) Rapid GUI Development and Deployment software and tools.

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Serious Communications Modules


Serious Communications Modules (SCMs)

Serious Communications Modules are daughter cards for Serious Integrated Modules to enable IoT capabilities in your hardware design, including CAN, RS232, RS485, and more.

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Serious Tools & Software


Serious Tools & Software

Welcome to SHIP, the Serious Human Interface Platform. SHIP is a no-cost suite of rapid GUI development and deployment tools. Designed to eliminate the hassle of traditional GUI coding methods, SHIP is optimized to get your GUI on-board and deployed to market in record time.

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Serious Accelerated Services


Serious Accelerated Services

Serious has all the support you need to get your project up and Choose from options tailored to fit your budget and schedule, including webinars, on-site training, custom UX and GUI design, and custom hardware options.

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Serious Video Training


Serious Video Training

New to Serious products and SHIP tools? No problem. In addition to detailed resources on hardware, software, our SHIPSail Language, and much more, The Serious Documentation Zone has extensive video tutorials to help jump-start your project.

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Images of SIM855, SIM555, SIM243, SCM208, SCM118, SCM117 modules