Serious Embedded Modules
for HMI, Comms and Control.

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Serious Integrated HMI Modules (SIMs)

Delivering modern, responsive, and elegant user experiences, SIMs are out-of-the-box HMI subsystems for your products, including hardware, software, and tools.

See the latest SIMs:

  • SIMx52 series: Cost-effective 3.5″ to 7″ Graphic/Touch LCD HMI Modules
  • SIMx62 series: High-Performance 5″ to 18.5″ Graphic/Touch LCD HMI Modules

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Serious Comms/Control Modules (SCMs)

Add rich cloud or network connectivity — including WiFi, BT5, Ethernet, TCP/IP, RS485, CAN, and more — as well as increase the sophistication and power of machine control.

SCMs can dramatically change the trajectory of your system design methodology and time-to-features for your products with extensive commercial grade OS, stacks, firmware, BSP and drivers, and tools all included.

See the latest SCMs:

  • SCM318 series: full featured comms & control, with WiFi, BT5, Ethernet, RS485, CAN and more
  • SCM307 series: flexible control & IO, with RS485, relay, solenoid, stepper motor, load cell interfaces and more

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Serious solutions for ovens, toasters, warmers, chillers, cookers, freezers, and much more.

Graphic/Touch HMI
Modern, Operator Efficient
Powerful Communications
Advanced Control
IoT Connectivity

Flexible Low Level
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