SHIPTide Development Flow

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform Total IDE (SHIPTide) is a rapid GUI development tool enabling the GUI designer to completely specify all aspects of your user interface, including layout, events, actions, and resources (fonts, images, etc.).

SHIPTide exports a binary file called a "cargo", that is loaded onto the bulk FLASH storage of a Serious Integrated Module. SHIPEngine then, on boot, unpacks and makes the GUI described in the cargo come alive:


Technical Information and Training


Latest Releases
Version 5 Version 4
  • SHIPTide v5 Windows drivers are the download's /drivers folder

Click here for older SHIPTide releases.

Updating your SIM's SHIPEngine Firmware

SHIPTide v5 enables SIM firmware updates in seconds!

This capability was introduced in SHIPTide v5.0.107 and expanded in .127 to include a "web live" feature where SHIPTide will automatically pull new firmware updates from the web for your SIM -- no more hunting this site to find the latest firmware, though you still have the ability of installing from manually downloaded files.

One-Time Update to SHIP v5.0.107 or Later

You need SHIPEngine v5.0.107 or later installed on your SIM. If not, you'll have to go through a one-time update process:

SIM Current Version Process
SIM225 or Renesas YLCDRX64N/YLCDRX63NE prior to v5.0.107 follow these one-time instructions
SIM225 or Renesas YLCDRX64N/YLCDRX63NE v5.0.107+ See below for updating firmware from SHIPTide
SIM115, SIM231, or SIM535 (Production Versions) v5.0.107+ See below for updating firmware from SHIPTide
SIM115, SIM231, or SIM535 (Pre-release Versions) any contact Serious
SIM205, SIM102 v4 There is no SHIPv5 support planned for these models
SIM110 v4 Serious is investigating SHIPv5 support; contact Serious

Web-Based Firmware Updates

First, download the latest SHIPEngine v5 for your SIM and launch it with your SIM connected to your PC.


  1. Select File->SIM Firmware Update
  2. Choose the SIM you want to update
  3. After a moment, the currently installed firmware versions will be displayed here
  4. Select the type of updates you are interested in
  5. Select the specific update bundle you want; bundles can contain 1 or more elements. Look to the left to see what versions the bundle contains of the different firmware elements
  6. Release notes for the firmware bundle will appear; review these to see which elements are in the bundle, which versions of those elements, and what the changes/updates to those elements were.
  7. Select Program to automatically download and install the selected updates onto your SIM; your SIM may reboot several times
SIM Firmware Update Live.jpg

Manual File-Based Firmware Updates

You can still manually install firmware files from your PC's hard drive. On the SIM Firmware Updater panel, select Files:

SIM Programming.jpg

and then manually select the files for download to your SIM and select Program.

SIM Firmware Update File Selector.jpg