The Serious Human Interface™ Platform

The Serious Human Interface™ Platform (SHIP) is a complete rapid GUI development and deployment system</p


SHIPTide: The SHIP Total IDE.

Rapid GUI Design, Minimal Coding

SHIPTide manages all aspects of your GUI creation task, including:

  • WYSIWYG layout of your GUI screens
  • Importing and organizing your images, fonts, and other digital assets
  • Minimal coding requred
  • Integrated event management
  • Simple but powerful actions: integrated SHIP Sail scripting language
  • Project builder
  • SIM connect -- direct upload of the GUI to hardware in seconds!
  • and much more....

SHIPTide generates a single binary data file, the "cargo", which includes all aspects of the GUI. This cargo is downloaded to Serious Integrated Modules running SHIPEngine.


Serious Integrated Modules (SIMs)

Production Worthy

  • From tens... tens of thousands
  • Available in low-waste bulk trays

Fast Prototypes

  • Readily available, cost-effective single units
  • Easily mounted in retrofit front panels


Ready for Rapid GUI Development


SHIPEngine Embedded GUI Runtime Engine

Portable & Scalable

  • Platforms with as little 128KB RAM
  • RAM-on-Glass, Direct Drive, and full graphics controllers


  • Significant run-time code checking
  • Sail virtual machine puts user “code” in safe sandbox


  • Tuned to each CPU/graphics architecture for the best performance